Who is Totally Tania?

I am a…

30 something. Muslim. Woman. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Best Friend. Photographer. Nurse. Soon to be Nurse Practitioner. Forever Student. Blogger. Artist. Creator. Lover of creativity. Traveler. Wanderer. Mover. Shaker. Community Lover. Driver for change. Explorer. Superwoman.

My name is Tania Ahmad. My husband and I are recent transplants from Dallas, TX to the beautiful Seattle, WA. I am Registered Nurse and about to take boards to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. I am also a photographer – portraits, weddings and fashion! After leaving behind our network of friends and family, I realized I have so much to share with them about our life here and the adventures we are embarking on – thus this blog was born. Plus…everyone can use a distraction when studying for boards right?

Just me and my cake.

This was my graduation celebration for completing my Masters in Nursing….yes I was going to eat the whole cake. #don’tjudge


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